The GRAAALPS event (hereinafter referred to as the events) is organized by the ULTRA CYCLING France and RIDE EAT SLEEP & SHARE Associations, in partnership with Across and Beyond Endurance AG (hereinafter A.B.E or the Organizer).

This document defines:

(i) the sports regulations of the events (hereinafter the Regulations),

(ii) the general sales conditions applicable to any order of products or services related to past events with the Organizer through the NJUKO registration platform (hereinafter the General Sales Conditions of A.B.E).

The terms “you,” “your,” “yours,” and “your” refer to you as a participant or consumer or as a legal representative or legal guardian (over 18 years old) if this participant or consumer is a minor in their country of residence.

Your registration for the events implies your express and unconditional acceptance of this Regulation and the General Sales Conditions of A.B.E.

Only the legal representative of a minor can register this minor for the events. Also, if parental authority is exercised jointly, the legal representative of the minor guarantees to the Organizer that the other holder of parental authority has read and accepted this document without reservation. This document complements the Terms of Use of the online registration platform named NJUKO (hereinafter NJUKO), accessible at

In case of contradiction between the terms of the NJUKO Terms of Use, these General Sales Conditions of A.B.E, and the Regulation, the terms of the Regulation shall prevail over the General Sales Conditions of A.B.E, which shall prevail over the Terms of Use of NJUKO.

The Organizer may revise and update the General Sales Conditions of A.B.E and the Regulation at any time; please check them regularly and before participating in the events.

All modifications made will apply immediately after being notified, by any means, including by publishing a revised version of these on the website

In the event of a significant modification to the General Sales Conditions and/or the Regulation, the Organizer will endeavor to notify you by email at the email address provided on NJUKO during your registration.

Role of NJUKO:

The NJUKO site through which you placed your order allows professional sellers and organizers to list and sell their products and services. Although the NJUKO platform facilitates transactions made on it, NJUKO is not the seller or organizer of the products and services related to the event. Therefore, for the sale of products or services related to the event, a sales contract is formed only between you and the Organizer. The Organizer is responsible for the sales of products or services related to the events and for any claims or other issues arising from or related to the sales contract between you and the Organizer.


This sports regulation (hereinafter the Regulation) applies to all participants in the GRAAALPS event and the GRAVEL FESTIVAL races. It is an integral part of the General Sales Conditions mentioned above. In case of conflict with the provisions of the General Sales Conditions, the provisions of the Regulation will prevail.


The GRAAALPS and GRAVEL FESTIVAL ultra-distance cycling events are organized in semi-autonomy, offering unsupported distances (bikepacking). The events take place in a single stage, passing through checkpoints called LIFE BASE or refueling points, on open roads, individually, in pairs, or in quartets, at free pace but with a limited time for each distance, called TIME BARRIER.

GRAAALPS – from July 16 to 21, 2024
Gravel distance of 750 kilometers (approximately):

From Mandelieu-La Napoule (France) to Crans Montana (SWITZERLAND). Maximum of 5 days to complete the course.

GRAVEL FESTIVAL – from July 19 to 21, 2024
Gravel distance of 90 kilometers (approximately): From and to Crans Montana (CH). 8 hours is the maximum TIME BARRIER to complete the course.

Gravel distance of 60 kilometers (approximately): From and to Crans Montana (CH). 6 hours is the maximum TIME BARRIER to complete the course.

Gravel distance of 30 kilometers (approximately): From and to Crans Montana (CH). 3 hours is the maximum TIME BARRIER to complete the course.


  • Registration exclusively online via the website and secure payment by credit card from February 1, 2023, for all distances. Registration will be considered complete and will be subject to validation once it includes the following elements for each rider. Each registration entitles you to a bib. No transfer of bib is allowed for any reason. All event registrations are personal, firm, and final and will not be refunded for any reason, except as stipulated in the Regulation. A.B.E encourages all participants to take out cancellation insurance via the NJUKO platform at the time of registration. Anyone transferring their bib without the validation of this third party’s file in NJUKO will be held responsible in case of an accident that occurs or is caused by them during the event. The Organizer disclaims any responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation. In the case of team registration, the commitment of teammates is firm and final: no changes of teammates will be allowed for any reason, except as specified in the Regulation.


To participate in our events, you must be at least, on the day of the event, the minimum age:
To participate in the GRAAALPS event, you must be at least, on the day of the events:
Over 18 years old on December 31 of the current year for the 750K EVENT called GRAAALPS

Over 16 years old on December 31 of the current year for the 90K EVENT

Over 14 years old on December 31 of the current year for the 60K EVENT

Over 10 years old on December 31 of the current year for the 30K EVENT

  • For participants under 18 years old (sending proof of identity and parental obligation is mandatory and must be sent to – without authorization and completion of the file, registration will not be considered complete).


It is reminded that checks will be carried out during the events to ensure perfect conditions of regularity of the races, especially regarding age and medical certification. By participating in the events, you take part in one of the sports events organized and/or approved by a sports federation. Therefore, your participation is subject to the mandatory presentation of:
A license from the French Cycling Federation valid on the date of the event attesting to the issuance of a medical certificate stating “no contraindication to the practice of cycling in competition”;

or a UCI COMPETITION License valid on the date of the event;

  • or a medical certificate that must be dated less than a year from the date of the event or its copy, for non-licensed FFC participants, to whom the events are open.

Mandatory Mention on the Medical Certificate: “No contraindication to cycling practice.”

Before the events, the medical certificate or a dematerialized copy of the license can be provided by the participant through the NJUKO registration platform, allowing access to their participant space.

No medical certificate sent by mail, email, or handed over in person will be considered.

These dematerialized documents must be provided well in advance of the event and at most 30 days before the event date to allow the Organizer to validate them. The participant must, therefore, check on their NJUKO account that their supporting document has been validated. If not, this document must be physically presented during the bib collection, as a last resort.

Authenticity checks of medical certificates and licenses may be conducted on-site, even in cases where the participant has uploaded these documents on their NJUKO account. Therefore, the participant must be able to provide these documents during bib collection or during the events.

ATTENTION! Participants residing abroad:

If you do not have a UCI COMPETITION License issued by the federation of your country of residence, you are required to provide a medical certificate with the Mandatory Mention described above. This certificate must be dated less than a year from the event date, signed, and allow the authentication of the doctor, whether or not the doctor is established on French territory. If the doctor is not established on French territory, the medical certificate must be written in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, or Portuguese only. Registration for the events implies the express and unconditional acceptance by each participant of this Regulation.


The participant commits to take out repatriation insurance covering their repatriation expenses in case of an accident. You can subscribe to such insurance with our partner Assur Connect, an insurance broker specializing in sports. Here are the offers for the events:


The organizer only facilitates a connection with the partner. The participant must then familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the mentioned insurance. The participant is responsible for their own subscription and management of their requests with the insurance solution. You can also approach your insurer to find out, based on your situation, the insurance that suits you best.


There are a total of 2 types of accepted bikes:

  • Standard (standard, gravel, mountain bike)
  • Open (different types of bikes allowed by the traffic code)

Bikes must be propelled solely by human force. All members of a team must use the same type/category of bike. If teams use different types of bikes, they will be placed in the Open category. A participant or team can request the organization to register in the Open category. Consideration will be given to Open category participants for an early departure, at the discretion of the Organizer. All Open category participants must adhere to the defined deadlines. No participant will be considered as Finisher after crossing the finish line outside the organization’s time limit


The fee for bibs is expressed in this document in Euro (€), all taxes included, at the exchange rate in effect on the day of your registration. The bib rates are available on the information page of each event and on the “event registration formulation” page. Special promotions may be implemented by the Organizer to offer you discounts on the bib rate.For safety reasons during the events, the organizer reserves the right to limit the number of available bibs.Bib rates may vary depending on your registration date for the event.




The event takes place in semi-autonomy. In the event of a malfunction of the GPS tracker provided by the organization, all material (receipts) and immaterial (photos, videos) evidence will be examined by the organization to validate compliance with the rules. The route, traversing landscapes and panoramas as magnificent as each other, will deeply introduce you to the regions of the countries crossed. You will have the chance to follow in the footsteps of champions in mythical and legendary mountain passes and ride through the highest cyclable peaks in Europe. The road open to traffic is common to all categories. The “life bases” distributed along the route and clearly identified are open to the public to allow your loved ones to come and support you. You can choose to participate in this event solo but also in teams of two (2) or four (4) friends, teammates, colleagues…

The route is not marked but will be made available to participants in the form of a GPX link transmitted by the organization a few weeks before the start of the event, via email communication.


The event is an ultra-distance gravel race called SEMI-AUTONOMY.

Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be self-sufficient between two “Life Bases,” or “Bascamp” both in terms of food and clothing and safety equipment, allowing for adaptation to foreseeable and unforeseeable problems. No assistance, help, or replenishment (food, mechanical, support to facilitate/advantage the participant’s progress) is in any way allowed on the route and outside the life bases, under penalty of immediate disqualification.

The following rules apply:

  • No organized accompaniment is allowed throughout the course.
  • The “life bases” are supplied with drinks and food to be consumed on-site, and no other assistance is allowed throughout the course, outside of these bases.
  • It is forbidden to be accompanied or accept accompaniment during all or part of the events, outside of the “life bases.”
  • Taking advantage of the slipstream of a rider, called Drafting, is prohibited for participants competing in all categories. Anyone benefiting from or providing drafting (slipstream) will result in the disqualification of both riders. Drafting is tolerated for teams in the “Duo” and “Quartet” categories.
  • Any group formed, of more than two people, at any time during the event will be excluded from the event if it lasts more than 60 minutes.
  • Outside of the “life bases,” the participant replenishes food (solid and liquid) and possibly equipment from available stores along the route, and can sleep either at a hotel, with locals, or bivouac, respecting local rules.

A participant who agrees to be filmed without accreditation by the organization and, therefore, accompanied, outside of expressly designated areas, violates the principle of semi-autonomy. Any participant wishing to be filmed must inform the organization at least 30 days before departure and request accreditation for the production team so that it is identified by both the organization and the participants.

Event regulators witnessing irregularities are authorized to penalize participants to ensure the spirit of the events and RACE ACROSS SERIES.

  • Only riders and participants, wearing a bib, helmet, and a visible frame plate duly controlled by the Organization, have access to the refreshment stations.


The maximum time is calculated based on the participant’s departure time:

GRAAALPS – from July 16 to 21, 2024

From Mandelieu-La Napoule (France) to the finish in Crans Montana (SWITZERLAND). Maximum of 5 days to complete the course.


For reasons aiming to ensure safety and the smooth running of the RACE ACROSS SERIES events, the organization makes the following equipment mandatory for each participant (including each member of the same team).


  • Approved Helmet (CE Standards)
  • Front Bike Light *
  • Helmet Light (headlamp)
  • Two Rear Bike Lights *
  • High Visibility Vest or Visibility Harness
  • GPS Computer with downloaded course in one or multiple segments
  • Repair Kits **
  • Reflective Bands ***
  • Mobile phone with the Operational Management Post number stored ****
  • Two Survival Blankets (1.40m x 2m)
  • Minimum 1-liter water reserve
  • Food reserve (Recommendation: +400kcal)
  • Emergency whistle/distress whistle
  • Dedicated “waste pouch” for transporting waste between each life base
  • Warm down jacket
  • Rain jacket (Gore-tex type)
  • Leg warmers
  • Gloves
  • Neck warmer / beanie
  • Bivy Bag

It is important to note that the equipment must adapt based on one’s own capabilities. In particular, one should not choose the lightest possible clothing to save a few grams but rather prefer clothing that truly provides good protection against cold, wind, and snow, ensuring better safety and performance.

*With spare batteries for each lamp or dynamo system. (Recommendation: FRONT: minimum 300 lumens / REAR: minimum 100 lumens)

**Multi-tools / 2 chambers / 3 tire levers / Pump / Patches and glue – including “Tubeless” equipment.

*** Rear stays / front fork

**** Keep your phone turned on, do not hide your number, ensure a charged battery, and have a charging team.


  • Night
    • Inflatable Mattress and Inflatable Pillow
  • Health
    • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    • Lip Balm
    • Paracetamol
    • Sunscreen
  • Electronics
    • Derailleur recharge
    • Power bank or dynamo
  • Accessories
    • Small multi-function knife
    • Multi-function spoon
    • Duct tape
    • Cable ties
    • Plastic bags
    • Straps
    • Chain lubricant
    • Lock
  • Warm Clothing
    • Compressible down jacket
    • Beanie
    • Cap or bandana
    • Neck warmer
    • Warm gloves
    • Sleeves
    • Second layer > Additional warm long-sleeved garment
    • Shoe covers or toe caps
    • Long bib shorts or leg warmers or a combination of tights and socks covering the entire leg
    • Base layer > Short-sleeved garment
    • Warm jacket suitable for bad weather (especially in the mountains) and made with a waterproof and breathable membrane
    • Windproof jacket with durable water repellent protection (DWR protection)
    • Long bib shorts or leg warmers or a combination of tights and socks covering the entire leg
    • Shoe covers or toe caps
  • Miscellaneous
    • ID card
    • Credit card
    • Cash in the currency of the country

It is important for your safety to focus your equipment on clear and visible outfits.


Check of all mandatory equipment after bib distribution

Check at each exit from a life base: 3 randomly selected mandatory items

A penalty of 2 hours per missing element is cumulative (start or life base).


Bibs will be available for pick-up, upon presentation of the following documents on the day of departure:

  • QR code generated automatically via the NJUKO platform – sent a few weeks before the event
  • Your license or medical certificate meeting the above-mentioned conditions
  • Your summons, available for download on your NJUKO account and/or sent by email before the events

Your valid official ID or passport (no driver’s license)

Bib pick-up is exclusively done in the dedicated area of the Event Village; the exact times and locations will be communicated later.

Any bib assignment is firm and final. No bibs will be sent by mail, nor provided outside the departure village opening hours.

  • The bib will be necessary to access the start zone, life bases, and must remain entirely legible during the event, including in case of bad weather.


In this event, participants have the option to deposit, if they wish, a bag of a maximum of 20 liters called a DROP BAG, to be transported to the life base. This bag is not provided by the organization. After filling it with their chosen belongings and closing it, including placing the identification plate provided by the organization inside, the participant can drop off their DROP BAG before their departure in the designated area. No DROP BAG will be accepted outside of the village opening hours. During the bib distribution, after checking the mandatory equipment and before the start, the participant can leave their bag in the designated location on the departure/refueling/arrival life base.

The DROP BAG is transported and distributed by the organization at the “life bases” for the participant to retrieve upon arrival. Upon reaching a life base, each participant will be given their DROP BAG in a designated area. When leaving the life base, the participant places their DROP BAG in the designated location. The DROP BAG is then transported back to the participant’s arrival location by the organization. The DROP BAGs are handed over either to the competitor or to their close ones, exclusively upon presentation of the participant’s bib.


All DROP BAGs from the arrival base will be available upon the arrival of each participant. As for the DROP BAGs deposited at the “life bases” along the route, they will be available near the finish line until the Sunday of each event’s end, at the location communicated and indicated by the organization. The organization ensures the repatriation of DROP BAGs to the arrival village for participants who have abandoned. The repatriation timeframe depends on logistical constraints, and the organization cannot guarantee complete repatriation of the bags before the end of the event and/or the arrival of participants. Since the contents of the bags are not verified, no disputes about the content upon arrival will be considered. It is recommended not to place valuable items inside. The organizer will not be held responsible for loss, theft, or damage to the participant’s bag(s) and/or contents.

Participants who have abandoned their Drop Bag must retrieve the bags at their own expense at the location communicated and indicated by the organization. If not retrieved within a 60-day period by the participant, the DROP BAG will be either destroyed or donated to a charity, at the Organizer’s discretion.



The GRAVEL events are mass participation races with a mass start (or in waves with intervals between age categories) that are timed for all participants, and results are separated by age category and gender. Participants must adhere to traffic rules throughout the event on the entire route. The event takes place in self-sufficiency, and in case of GPS tracker malfunction provided by the organization, all material (receipts) and immaterial (photos, videos) evidence will be examined by the organization to validate rule compliance. The course, traversing landscapes and panoramas, will immerse you in the regions of the countries covered. The open road is shared by all categories. The “refreshment stations” along the route, clearly identified, are exclusively reserved for clearly identified participants. You can choose to participate solo or with friends, teammates, colleagues, etc. The course is not marked but will be provided to participants as a GPX link transmitted by the organization one week before the event via email, and this course is common to all participants.


GRAVEL FESTIVAL – July 19 to 21, 2024

  • Gravel distance of 90 kilometers (approximately): From and to Crans Montana (CH). 8 hours is the maximum time limit to complete the course.
  • Gravel distance of 60 kilometers (approximately): From and to Crans Montana (CH). 6 hours is the maximum time limit to complete the course.
  • Gravel distance of 30 kilometers (approximately): From and to Crans Montana (CH). 3 hours is the maximum time limit to complete the course.



At each of the refreshment stations along the route, you will find the following:

  • Cold drinks
  • Hot drinks
  • Food supplies (solid/liquid) from partners

Even though access conditions to A.B.E-organized events are based on past performances, participants may sometimes struggle to maintain the pace for various reasons. Opening and closing times for refreshment stations have been established and calculated as accurately as possible, considering the time limits for each event. If a competitor arrives after the closing of a refreshment station, the event management will contact the participating runner to assess their progress and situation. Passing a closed life base is not eliminatory unless decided by the event management after consulting with the participant. Any participant disqualified who wishes to continue their journey independently does so at their own risk and in complete autonomy.

Equipment of Comfort

The start and finish life base provide participants validated by the organization with the following:

  • A welcoming area called “Friends & Family”
  • A reserved area for catering
  • A reserved area for recovery/rest
  • Shower and toilet facilities


For reasons aiming to ensure safety and the smooth running of the Gravel Festival event, the organization makes the following equipment mandatory for each participant:

  • Approved helmet (CE standards)
  • Front bike light
  • Rear bike light
  • GPS device with the course downloaded in one or more segments
  • Repair kits
  • Mobile phone with the Operational Management Post number registered
  • Survival blanket (1.40m x 2m)
  • Minimum 0.5-liter water reserve
  • Food reserve (Recommendation: +400kcal)

Note: Keep your phone on, do not hide your number, ensure a charged battery, and have a charging kit.

It is important to note that the equipment should be chosen based on individual capabilities. Specifically, participants should not opt for the lightest possible clothing to save a few grams but should prefer clothing that provides effective protection against cold, wind, and snow, ensuring better safety and performance.



To ensure participants’ health and safety, the Organizer may establish a Sanitary Protocol, including the need to present a document attesting to the participant’s non-infection with the COVID-19 virus for event access. Participants must strictly adhere to this Sanitary Protocol to participate in the events, and the Organizer reserves the right to refuse participation/access to – or exclude – any participant for non-compliance with the measures, with no liability on the part of the Organizer. Participants will be informed of the Sanitary Protocol’s provisions through communication sent to the email address provided during registration on NJUKO.


It is the responsibility of a distressed or seriously injured runner to call for assistance:

  • By calling the Operational Management Post (phone number on the frame plate)
  • By asking another runner to notify emergency services if they cannot do so themselves
  • By using the SOS functionality on their GPS beacon

Each participant must assist anyone in danger and promptly notify public emergency services:

  • Samu – 15
  • Police Assistance – 17
  • Firefighters – 18
  • General Emergency Number – 112

Keep in mind that various unforeseen circumstances related to the environment and events may delay rescue efforts more than expected. Your safety will then depend on what you have packed and your compliance with mandatory equipment.

All regulators and members of the organization are authorized to:

  • Disqualify any participant deemed unfit to continue the race
  • Evacuate runners they deem in danger by any means necessary
  • Direct participants to the most appropriate medical care facility

A runner seeking assistance from a doctor or paramedic submits to their authority and agrees to accept their decisions.

As soon as a runner’s health justifies treatment with intravenous infusion, they will be obligated to withdraw from the event. Any runner who voluntarily deviates from the course is no longer under the organization’s responsibility.

During the event, participants can communicate with the organization only by dialing the Operational Management Post’s phone number communicated in advance and present on the bib/frame plate.


The ULTRA CYCLING France association, RIDE EAT SLEEP & SHARE, or the co-organizing structure A.B.E has taken out civil liability insurance for the duration of the GRAAALPS event.


Road safety is ensured by the Police Prefecture, medical services by the Organizer’s service provider, and if necessary, by the French Red Cross, Civil Protection, and/or any other accredited rescue organization. These services have the authority to disqualify a participant for medical reasons. Under no circumstances can the Organizer be held responsible for a participant unable to finish the race due to a disqualification decision made by these general services.



  • Course cut > Off-track exit: Any participant who leaves the track must resume from where they exited. If, based on GPS data, it is determined that a participant has “unjustifiably” cut the track, allowing them to gain a significant time advantage over the following participant, the penalties are as follows:
    • Time gained by a participant over the following participant is between 0 and 30 minutes > a one-hour penalty applies.
    • Time gained by a participant over the following participant is between 31 and 60 minutes > a two-hour penalty applies.
    • Time gained by a participant over the following participant is between 60 and 120 minutes > a four-hour penalty applies.
    • Time gained by a participant over the following participant is over 2 hours in a single infraction, the participant in question will be disqualified.
    • The participant will be disqualified on the 3rd infraction of cutting the course.
  • Incomplete file 30 days before the event date > Disqualification
  • Unregistered media vehicle > 12-hour penalty
  • Littering (deliberate act) > 4-hour penalty
  • “Non-respect of individuals (organization or runners) / Note: a participant whose supporters show incivility and/or refuse to follow the organizer’s instructions will be penalized.” > Disqualification
  • Absence of mandatory safety equipment (helmet: functioning front and rear lights, no survival blanket) > Disqualification
  • Failure to assist a person in difficulty (requiring intervention) > Disqualification
  • Cheating Category 1: Using an undeclared bike to the organization > Disqualification
  • Cheating Category 2: Unauthorized assistance / drafting behind a moving vehicle > Disqualification
  • Cheating Category 3: Use of a means of transport, sharing bibs, hanging onto a moving vehicle > Immediate and lifelong disqualification
  • Lack of visible frame plate for bikepacking category > 2-hour penalty
  • Non-compliance with traffic rules > 4-hour penalty
  • Absence of GPS beacon > According to the decision of the event management
  • Refusal to obey an order from the event management, regulator, patroller or flagger, post chief, doctor, or paramedic > Disqualification
  • Refusal of anti-doping control > Immediate and lifelong disqualification
  • Any uncivil or disrespectful behavior reported by the two main law enforcement institutions, the gendarmerie and the police > Disqualification
  • The organizer may, before, during, and after the event, verify compliance with these regulations and immediately apply the following penalties at their discretion.

(**) Disqualifying penalties apply immediately, and the participant will be informed immediately by the event management.

Any other violation of the regulations will result in a sanction decided by the event management.


The participant is fully aware that gravel cycling is an extremely dangerous sport, and they may face various weather conditions (rain, heat, cold, storms). The participant fully understands that for such an event, their safety depends solely on their ability to adapt to encountered problems. The participant fully understands that the organizer’s role is not to help or assist them in managing their problems, even in the case of technical failure or physical or mental issues. By registering, the participant unequivocally accepts all the extreme risks of the event, including accidents that could even result in the participant’s death, and takes sole responsibility for any type of damage they may suffer resulting from their participation in the event. By accepting all the risks of this particularly dangerous event, the participant agrees, with full knowledge and understanding of the possible consequences, to release the organizer from any tortious and/or contractual liability. In return, the participant agrees to:

  • Attend official ceremonies to which they are invited
  • Attend prize presentations if applicable
  • Accept wearing a GPS beacon provided by the organization at the start of the event, throughout the event; then return this beacon at the end of the event using their own means and assume the cost of the beacon if it is destroyed, lost, or damaged.
  • Be present at the starting area at least 20 minutes before the start.
  • Accept and Respect the event regulations
  • Accept any decision of the organization and regulators
  • Demonstrate kindness towards participants, volunteers, and the organization.
  • Have subscribed to and be covered by “Accident Damage” insurance during the event


In case of abandonment, the requested process is as follows:

  • Inform the Operational Management Post of their abandonment
  • Go by their own means to the finish line to return the equipment provided exclusively to the Operational Management Post
  • In case of non-return of the GPS, the participant will be billed directly by the event’s GPS Partner, an amount of 350 euros including tax. By accepting these regulations, the participant will be billed directly by the provider.



  • Registration is nominative.
  • The participant can modify their registration up to 30 days before the start of each event, to another distance or format, for a transfer fee of 30 euros including tax and the price difference of the new event/distance.
  • If the participant moves from a higher-priced event to a lower-priced event, the difference will be refunded to the participant, taking into account the date of the modification in relation to the registration price on that same date, minus the modification fees.
  • If an athlete moves from a less expensive event to a more expensive one, the participant must pay the difference plus the transfer fee.
  • A transfer to a full distance (if the organization has decided to limit registrations) is not possible, or the participant agrees to be on a waiting list.
  • A participant can only transfer their registration once.
  • No modification will be accepted less than 30 days before the event date.


  • Registration is nominative. It is allowed to transfer the registration to another GRAAALPS event only if the “BIB TRANSFER” option has been subscribed to.
  • To cancel participation, you must follow the process below:
    • Send an email to No withdrawal will be recorded by phone or social media message.
  • Cancellation for “Change of mind,” two options are available:
    • Request a refund of your registration from the organization: see details below;
    • Request a “bib transfer” from the organization: if you have subscribed to the “BIB Transfer” option available only at registration, you will have the choice and possibility of a single transfer to our next edition GRAAALPS 2025 (same event/same distance). No refund or transfer request to another participant will be applicable following this transfer and/or on the 2025 edition. Please note, you can subscribe to the “BIB Transfer” option only at the time of your registration; you cannot subscribe to it afterward. Any request to activate the “bib transfer” option should be made by formulating the request to the support team at the email address “ To activate your transfer request, you must make your request no later than 30 days before the event date. Beyond that, no requests will be considered.
  • Cancellation with BeTicketing insurance subscription (by Assur’Connect), it is recommended to subscribe to the insurance from our partner BETICKETING at the time of registration, allowing you to be reimbursed if you cancel for any accidental and unforeseeable reason that would make your participation in the GRAAALPS event impossible (injury, accident, job loss, pregnancy, relocation, etc.). Subscription is done on the registration platform at the time of registration; you will be prompted to add the insurance to your shopping cart. The refund request will be made through a dedicated interface that you will have access to through your insurance contract. You will be asked for some information to validate this refund. Links to the General Conditions of BETICKETING: The subscription to this option cannot be done after registration.


  • Depending on the conditions above, the refund of the fees paid at registration (excluding service fees of 30€TTC) will be made by a partial credit of the payment to the bank account associated with the credit card used during registration, under the following conditions. The refund policy will apply as follows:
    • From the opening to 4 months before the event date: 60% refund minus administrative fees
    • From 4 months to 2 months before the event date: 30% refund minus administrative fees
    • Less than 2 months: 0% refund


Any claim arising from the events must be made in writing, in French or English, stating the participant’s name, first name, and bib number, addressed to the headquarters of the Organizer by email at the following address: or by mail to the following address: The ULTRA CYCLING France association, 63 rue cuvier, 69006 Lyon.

Any claim must be submitted to us within 8 days after the end of the event. In the absence of a response within two (2) months or in the case of an unsatisfactory response from the Organizer, before resorting to a competent court and within one (1) year following the date of the first notification to the Organizer, you can use the mediation service for consumer disputes related to events free of charge by contacting CMAP, whose contact information is indicated on its website ( or by contacting the competent public consumer mediator.



If circumstances require, the organizer reserves the right to modify the routes, departure times, time limits, the location of refreshments and first aid stations, and any other aspect related to the smooth running of the events at any time. In case of force majeure, very unfavorable weather conditions, or any other circumstances endangering the safety of competitors, the organization reserves the right to:

  • Postpone the start by a few hours at most
  • Modify the time limits
  • Cancel the event
  • Neutralize the event
  • Stop the ongoing event
  • Modify the course

The participant unreservedly and irrevocably accepts this right to modifications so that their registration has been made with full knowledge. The participant waives any liability of the organizer in case of a change of date or any other modifications or to claim any indemnity at this title. In case of a change of the event date, in particular, the registration fees will not be refunded to the participant if they decide not to participate in the event they were registered for.


The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to force majeure. The participant unreservedly and irrevocably accepts this right to cancellation so that their registration has been made with full knowledge. The participant waives any liability of the organizer in case of event cancellation or a change in its date or to claim any indemnity at this title. In case of force majeure (including, adverse weather conditions, security issues), the organizer reserves the right to stop the ongoing event. If the event is canceled for reasons beyond the organizer’s control (e.g., Covid restrictions, force majeure, natural disaster), participants will be offered various options (postponement, transfer, partial refund) that will be confirmed in due course.


Participant’s Image:

As the event may be recorded for public communication, in any form (including photos, videos), on any existing or future medium, in any format, for any public communication worldwide, for any purpose including advertising and/or commercial purposes, each participant expressly authorizes the Organizer, its assigns or successors (including its commercial partners) to capture and reproduce, on any medium and by any means, and consequently, to reproduce and represent, without any remuneration of any kind, their name, voice, image, and more generally their sporting performance in the context of the event (hereinafter their Image), for a duration not exceeding ten (10) years following the date of the event. The participant expressly authorizes the Organizer to grant licenses to the event’s partners for the exploitation of their Image for commercial and advertising purposes. For this purpose, each participant expressly and irrevocably authorizes the Organizer, its assigns, its successors (including its commercial partners), in order to meet the imperatives of advertising, promotional, and/or commercial campaigns, to 1) make any modification, addition, deletion, which it deems useful for the exploitation of their Image under the conditions defined above, 2) associate and/or combine with their Image, any and all signatures, hooks, slogans, captions, trademarks, distinctive signs, legal notices, visuals, and, more generally, any element of any nature chosen by the Organizer intended, in particular, to illustrate the communication media in which they are integrated. The participant warrants that they are not bound by any exclusive contract relating to the use of their Image. The participant is informed and accepts without reservation that their participation in the event implies the capturing of their Image by the official providers of the Organizer. Regarding the event’s website, the participant agrees that they may be identified by any internet user providing their name, first name, and/or bib number. If you wish to oppose such publication for a legitimate reason, you must communicate this decision to the Organizer at the address contact(at), before the event and no later than thirty (30) days before the event so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Event Images:

Any communication of still images and/or animated sequences of the event by the participant, captured during their participation in the event, must be limited to personal use and cannot under any circumstances be used for promotional and/or commercial purposes outside the event.


The structure ACROSS AND BEYOND ENDURANCE owns the exploitation rights of the event it organizes under the registered trademark GRAAALPS. Any still or filmed image of the event is therefore the exclusive property of the organizer. Any communication about the event, the use of the event in any form and on any support, must be done respecting the name of the event, the registered trademark, and with the express agreement of the organizer. Any commercial use of the name and/or images of the event can only be carried out after a written agreement resulting from a written and detailed request.


Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the GRAAALPS event will be exclusively submitted to the Court of Arbitration for Sport located in Lausanne, Switzerland, following the Code of Arbitration for Sport. According to our ethical charter, any ostentatious display of political and/or religious messages or images during the event is prohibited.


According to the French Data Protection Act of August 6, 1978, and in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR EU 2016/679), each competitor has the right to access and rectify data concerning them. The information is collected as part of registration for one of the events of the ULTRA CYCLING FRANCE association for the needs of the organization, and notably to individually identify each competitor in order to communicate any information related to their participation before, during, or after the event. All runner data is kept for a period of 10 years, renewable with each registration, corresponding to the legal retention period of the medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of Ultra Distance cycling. Beyond these 10 years, and unless explicit authorization from the runner, all data is deleted except for name, first name, date of birth, gender, and nationality to maintain rankings. Any request for data modification can be made: 1. By mail to the following address: ULTRA CYCLING FRANCE association, 63

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