16-21 July 2024



10 years of experience

We take great pride in celebrating over a decade of expertise in event organization, including the prestigious Race Across Series, within our team. Rest assured that our extensive experience ensures that every detail of this inaugural edition is carefully considered. We have everything orchestrated, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this adventure and focus on the unique experience we provide.

What we do for love

Crossing the Alps across three countries is no small feat; that’s why we’ve meticulously developed this semi-supported concept. With us by your side, you can confidently tackle the challenge.

Here’s what our support entails:

  • A pre-race meal to fuel your journey
  • Transportation of your bike box or bag to the finish line
  • A 20L race bag (not provided), transported to the mid-race basecamp
  • 24/7 monitoring for your safety
  • A mid-race basecamp equipped with:
    • Camp beds for your rest if needed
    • Charging area for your gears
    • Food to recharge
    • A secured backpack storage
    • Friendly faces to chat with 🙂
    • And numerous other surprises along the way.

With our support, we ensure that every aspect of your journey is not only met but exceeded, allowing you to focus solely on conquering the challenge ahead.

The beauty of the alps

3 countries to cross the Alps from Mandelieu to Crans-Montana on Gravel. that means amazing scenery and iconic passes such as Col du Grand Saint Bernard with a magnicifent view on Mont Blanc – This route, will be one to remember. Up on your gravel gear and get ready to shread some dirty paths along the way.

A strong partnership

This event transcends the ordinary, even in its genesis; it is truly unique. The unbreakable bond between the two cities, Crans Montana and Mandelieu, through their twinning, is undeniable. Hence, creating an Odyssey that traverses the Alps seemed only logical. A unique partnership for an epic journey. Come and participate in what will be a first in the world of gravel biking, conquer this incredible route made up of breathtaking landscapes and both sublime and challenging ascents.

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