From sea to summit

Experience the coastal enchantment of Mandelieu and the alpine splendor of Crans Montana, where the French Riviera’s golden shores meet the majestic Swiss Alps, creating two distinct and breathtaking landscapes.

How to find your accomodation?

Visit both cities’ paltform to explore and book your accommodation effortlessly. Find a variety of options tailored to all budgets and preferences.


Nestled on the French Riviera, Mandelieu captivates with its golden beaches along the Mediterranean coast. This idyllic destination seamlessly combines coastal charm with vibrant landscapes, offering a picturesque haven for those seeking sun-drenched relaxation and a touch of Mediterranean allure.

Mandelieu, on the French Riviera, entices with its golden beaches, a blend of history at Château de la Napoule, and a lively waterfront scene. It’s the perfect fusion of leisure, culture, and coastal charm.


Perched amidst the majestic Swiss Alps, Crans-Montana boasts unrivaled alpine panoramas and a harmonious fusion of outdoor pursuits and refined leisure. This resort town, a haven for winter sports enthusiasts, transitions seamlessly into a summer sanctuary for hiking and golfing amidst lush landscapes.

With its charming village ambiance, upscale amenities, and a stunning backdrop of snow-capped peaks, Crans-Montana enchants visitors seeking the perfect blend of mountain tranquility and recreational sophistication.

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