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What semi-supported means?
Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be self-sufficient between two “Life Bases,” or “Bascamp” both in terms of food and clothing and safety equipment, allowing for adaptation to foreseeable and unforeseeable problems. No assistance, help, or replenishment (food, mechanical, support to facilitate/advantage the participant’s progress) is in any way allowed on the route and outside the life bases, under penalty of immediate disqualification.
On Graaalps, you must have a Mountain bike or Gravel Bike / tyres recoomandation mini 42 mm

Please check our RULES for any questions on this matter.

We will make our possible to mark the specifics area, but we recommend you to get close to your GPX and computer so you don’t miss the route. We will monitor your progress via our tracking system, and contact you if you move away from the original trace.
🛌 Bedcamps for a quick recharge
🍲 Delicious food to refuel those gravel-grinding engines
🔌 Gear charging area to power up your tech
🧰 Fully equipped mechanic tool station for on-the-go bike fixes
🚿 Bike wash area to keep your trusty steed in top shape
🗣️ Friendly faces and gravel enthusiasts to share stories with
Family members are welcome to join at the start and finish village; however, assistance on the course or at the basecamp is strictly prohibited. Participants are expected to be self-sufficient both on the course and at the basecamp.
As it is a gravel event, following riders on the course might be tricky and difficult and could affect the participant experience. Also, being an ultra race, semi supported does not mean “with assistance”. You can support them at the village, but are not allowed to provide any support in term of materials etc.
We recommand you to find a way to get it fixed and come back on the route asap. Don’t forget to contact us so that we know what is going on. If damages does not allow you to continue, you will have to call us to be registered as DNF, and find your way back to Crans-Montana
You must have valid liability, death, accident and health insurance valid during the event, covering emergency extraction and repatriation insurance. You must be also at least 18 before the start.
If you want to abandon the race, you must find your own way to Crans Montana to collect your belongings. We will be more than happy to see you and share a beer no matter what
Please check our RULES for any questions on this matter.
You must have a valid passeport with you if you are not EU citizen, if so, you can also have a valid ID card
E-bikes are not allowed on the GRAAALPS race but are allowed during the Gravel Festival in Crans-Montana on shorter distances (30,60,90km)
More than an adventure ! Participants will be ranked according to their time at the finish.
You’ll need to provide a medical certificate stating that you’re not contraindicated in competitive cycling. To have a complete view on participation requirements, we invite you to consult our RULES page.
Yes, to participate you must have a french cycling license (FFC licence) OR a UCI Licence OR a valid medical certificate, please check our RULES to be aware of the needed documents
Yes, for GRAAALPS we can transport your personal bag from the start line to the finish line.
Yes, it is possible to give us a DROP BAG (max 20L) before your departure, which we will make available to you at the Base de Vie. This will then be available on arrival.
You have different options, between requesting a refund or report your bib to our next 2025 edition, only if you subscribe to this option when you registered. Check our rules on that.
Take yourself to a safe place, inform the organization and return by your own means. You will be asked to collect your personal stuff, and send back the GPS tracker at your costs.
If you haven’t found the answer in our website, FAQ and rules, please send us an e-mail: contact(at)graaaalps.com

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