The Gravel WEEK-END

19-20-21 July 2024

The Crans Montana Gravel week-end is an exhilarating celebration of gravel cycling, set against the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps, on the Ycoor square in Crans-Montana. This event, hosting its inaugural edition in 2024, is open to all participants, offering a variety of challenging routes suitable for different skill levels, ensuring an inclusive and adventurous experience for cyclists of all backgrounds. Beyond the distances, the festival promotes a dynamic atmosphere for the whole family, with various activities to share stories and immerse participants in the unique culture of gravel cycling.

Discover our Distances

A 30km route around Crans-Montana to discover Gravel or enjoy with family and friends.
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Embark on the scenic 60km gravel route around Crans Montana, immersing yourself in breathtaking alpine landscapes
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90KM for the Brave gravel Cyclists, discover the amazing routes with challenging terrain.
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Introduce your little ones to the joy of cycling with the Kids Initiation, a fun and beginner-friendly experience.
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A vertical climb from place Ycoor, do it and try to beat your own record.
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The Gravel festival in a nutshell
GRAAALPS proudly presents the grand culmination of pioneering spirit – the inaugural GRAVEL WEEKEND FESTIVAL! SAVE THE DATES: July 19 to 21, 2024 LOCATION: Place Ycoor, Crans-Montana Join us for an extraordinary three-day celebration, immersing yourself in the heart of Valais amidst the GRAVEL FESTIVAL WEEKEND. Revel in the joy of gravel, laughter, and festivities as we honor the trailblazers who conquered GRAAALPS.
There will be several distances during the festival, open to e-bikes and junior : Balade 35K: Embark on the Balade 35K, the perfect initiation into the world of gravel cycling. Whether you’re riding a gravel bike, mountain bike, or an E-bike, this 35-kilometer journey offers a fantastic course for beginners. Ideal for those looking to explore the thrill of gravel riding, the Balade 35K promises an exhilarating experience filled with scenic landscapes and the joy of discovery. The Discovery: 65K : Uncover the wonders of gravel cycling with The Discovery, a 65-kilometer route that goes beyond the basics. This ride is designed for those seeking a bit more distance and challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a passionate explorer, The Discovery promises to take you through diverse terrains, providing a mix of adventure and awe-inspiring scenery. Get ready for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary and immerses you in the heart of gravel exploration. The Serious: 90K: For the dedicated gravel enthusiast, The Serious offers a challenging 90-kilometer course that pushes the boundaries of endurance and skill. This is not just a ride; it’s a serious commitment to the gravel experience. Designed to test your limits, The Serious takes you on a demanding journey through varied landscapes, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping and gratifying adventure. If you’re up for the challenge and seeking the ultimate gravel cycling experience, The Serious awaits you with open trails and a sense of accomplishment.

You will see many different animations during the weekend:

Embark on a vertical challenge as you ascend straight from Crans-Montana (e-bike allowed) to a breathtaking peak overlooking the region. Pause at the summit to savor a delightful slice of cake or a comforting cup of coffee. Take in the panoramic views, recharge, and perhaps even challenge yourself again to beat your own time.

Experience the latest in gravel bikes with our exclusive testing areas. Meanwhile, let your little ones indulge in specially crafted activities designed just for them.

Expect magical moments with surprises, spectacular demonstrations, and chance encounters with fellow gravel enthusiasts. The GRAVEL FESTIVAL is more than an event; it’s a tapestry of unforgettable experiences waiting to be woven. Join us as we create lasting memories together!

the schedule of the event will be communicated soon

How to get to or leave from cans Montana

Crans-Montana is only 2h15 from Geneva Airport and 3h from Zurich
Once at the Arirport you can easily thake the Train to the Sierre station and use public transport up to Crans Montana

Many different public transport are available to take you to Crans-Montana, explore the city’s website for more information

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